An open source FE code


  This page presents an unpretencious MATLAB/OCTAVE finite element code for solid mechanics in less than 1000 lines. It available for download to those looking for a basic FE tool for research or teaching purposes.
The output files (VTK) can be post-processed in Paraview. The code can use whether Tri3, Quad4, Tet4 and Quad8 linear elements. A Gauss-Legendre quadrature is used for the integration of elementary stiffness and mass matrices. For now, the Boundary conditions can be prescribed a) displacement, b) ponctual force c) stress and d) normal displacement (and symetry).

*esbroufe3d can make nice carpets of color as those on the right. Its name stands for:
    Elastic Solids: Basic ROUtines for Finite Element in 3 dimensions


    Download the package [179ko]
    (version: 17 October, 2011)

Tiny User's guide

    - Input files are sorted in sub-directories in Directory ./data.
    - The name of the input file and the name of its directory must be the same.
    - There is an example named Test in the source file so that anyone can understand the usage.

    - There is an home made mesher for rectangular and parallelipedic domains.
        give size and number of elements in each direction (see examples).
    - AVS meshes can be used with extension *.avs (2D). For example use the mesher of Cast3m
    - GMSH meshes can be used with extension *.msh (2D/3D)
    - Abaqus meshes can be used with extension *.inp (3D)
    The mesh file has to be copied in the directory of the testcase.

    -Create a new directory Mytest/ in ./data/ and copy your mesh file in.
    -Create the input file Mytest/Mytest.m discribing geometry, loading, materials...
        following the example ./data/Test/Test.m or ./data/Sensor/Sensor.m.
    -In the main file ./esb3d.m, modify the name of the test case:
        (replace load_pb('Test'); by load_pb('Mytest');)
    -in Matlab or Octave, run
    >> esb3d

    - The output files are written in Directory ./tmp
    - *.vtu mesh are generated, but should not be used directly.
    - Prefer open *.pvd files in Paraview:

    5. TERM OF USE.
    This program is a free software: you can redistribute it/or modify it. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.